Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sad Day

A 21 year old Hillcrest girl is gang raped in front of her tied up father while they were walking their dogs at a nearby dam. A private investigator easily tracks down five of the seven alleged rapists within days of the crime. Up to a thousand people arrive at the initial court hearing to make their voices heard. From schoolgirls singing Amazing Grace" to heavies in bandanas with megaphones, they were all there. In the meantime the police having got wind of the protest had simply switched the planned court date to the previous day. When the crowd found out they vented their frustration and anger on any police vehicle arriving at the court gates and rocked them off their wheels. They then proceeded to the Hillcrest police station where the offenders were being held and blocked roads and shouted death threats to the nearby holding cells. The police threatened some of them with arrest but gave up when the entire mob demanded to be arrested and thrown into the same cells with the alleged rapists. Part two will play out at the next appearence in a few weeks. Never a dull moment!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Strange but True

This school yard is normally full of noisy kids doing their thing. Last Thursday about eighty out of 450 were suddenly smitten by a mystery ailment. They were vomiting had stomach cramps head aches and skin irritations. One collapsed and was airlifted to hospital. The governing body took action and closed the school. After three days no one had come to check what the problem was with rumours from toxic substances in the air to toxic chemicals in the air con. I stepped into the suspect class but it just smelt musty from being closed up. Some parents vowed not to let their kids back until the culprit was found. Some guys did apparently arrive to take air samples. All most odd!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Road Carnage

I was called to a scene of horror first thing this morning. A bakkie carrying ten people was travelling on the north bound freeway when the driver lost control. In a bid to avoid the bakkie, a Fiat Palio heading in the same direction also lost control. Both cars then went across the centre medium and into the south bound lane. The bakkie then collidied head on with a red Citi Golf, before flying down a steep embankment.The bakkie landed about 25m from the south bound freeway. Two occupants of the Golf died on impact and fire fighters had to use the Jaws of Life to extricate them. Another eight people from the bakkie were declared dead at the scene. The scene inside the Golf will haunt me for some time. All this after two days ago I witnessed a cyclist being hit head on by a car who flew through the air then landed in front of me bleeding profusly and with a broken neck. Managed to apply a bandage to the wound until the ambulance arrived. His bike was in two pieces. Just another day at the office. (above: eTV crew do their thing)