Monday, September 29, 2008

No where to go

First they were hounded out of their own country. When they got to South Africa they were eventually met with a wave of zenophobia and once again had to run for their lives. Albert Park in Durban became their final refuge. They were given tents and food and encouraged to return to the Congo or the communties around Durban where they once lived. Some tried and were beaten up. Others managed to make their way back to the Congo. The tents and food supply were then removed. There is now only a small group of 56 living under plastic sheeting. They await the local authorities next move. The arrival of a TV crew gave the kids something to occupy their dull days with.(Update Oct 13 2008 Refugees are still there)

Operation Smile


For most people running a standard marathon is an exhausting affair. Two South African athletes have confounded sports scientists by completing a standard forty two kilometer marathon every day for the past three months.
David Grier and Braam Malherbe are no spring chickens but six days a week they set out each morning and run a standard marathon. They have already conquered the great wall of China and are now running the entire coast of Southern Africa - from Namibia to Mozambique. The idea is to raise funds for children with cleft pallets. Operation Smile has literally put a smile on thousands of disadvantaged children's faces who were born with cleft pallets and other facial deformities. (Update 13 Oct 2008 The intrepid two comleted the mammoth run finishing in Mozambique)