Monday, April 26, 2010

New Kid on the Block

So new kid on the block COPE (Congress of the People) popped into Durban for a chat to their supporters. They played it safe and ensconced themselves inside the Diakonia Centre where access is strictly controlled. In an airless room they told the converted how well things were going and to keep the faith. One Smuts Ngonyama who is their “Policy Director” will always be remembered for his “I did not struggle to be poor” comment. Pity that this once booming party now have their own internal struggle with who sits on top of the heap. Such a pity as it is the first really multiracial party that could have mass appeal to take on the ruling ANC. They also need to learn a thing or two about their backdrops. White screens do not work well with TV. Still I guess give them a few precious years and they might get their act together or just simply implode upon themselves as more members also claim they did not struggle to be poor!

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