Monday, May 10, 2010


There were thousands of them. From Dubai to Japan they came to Africa's biggest tourism trade fair the Durban Indaba. Just when one thought all was lost what with clouds of ash and a Greek tragedy it seemed like the money was still changing hands. For the uber rich tourists the deal now is "you tell us what you want and we will arrange it" So... keen to stroke a cheetah or a great white shark , no problem for a small fee we arrange it.Walking through the stands was like a veritable tower of Babel with foreign languages rolling off the tongues of well heeled operators. Somewhere in the melee were the humble game ranches trying to take on the mining conglomerates who are planning open cast mines in adjoining sensitive area. Guess who will win in the end? In the meantime delegates blew on those awful monotone vuvuzelas hoping that the noise would frighten off the bad guys.

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