Monday, December 21, 2009

End of An Era

The Lady that the media sometimes called Ms Beetroot/garlic et al has succumbed. Dr Mantombazana Tshabalala-Msimang fondly remembered by some as Manto died of liver failure. The same liver that was transplanted into her two years ago from a young teenager. At the memorial service in Durban speaker after political speaker waxed on about her many achievements. This included speaking fluent Russian to helping the poor. Little mention was made of her AIDS stance on ARV's. Bizarrely one HIV pos lady went to the podium and addressed the packed city hall and praised Manto for her work in the AIDS environment. Strangely there were no speakers from the families of the alleged thousands who were denied the life saving drugs during the Manto/Mbeki reign. Another speaker claimed that he never heard of any death due to Manto's policies. A bit like Alice in Wonderland. I personally will always remember her for freeing up my sensitive asthmatic lungs with her bans on smokers in public places. May she rest in peace.

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