Sunday, December 20, 2009

Floods and Droughts

They came they talked they argued they fought they got loaded into police vans. There was plenty of action as well as inaction at Copenhagen depending on which side you stood. I wondered how many of the protesters had flown there or used other means of transport that made their own contribution to the CO2 emissions. Still I guess they meant well. I heard one of the young protest delegates from a first world country saying the solution was simply to stop buying stuff. I assume she meant other than food and medicine. I once read about an experiment where one did not buy any new item barring food and medicine for a period of about six months to a year. In the meantime back at the Durban ranch a group of children from the Merebank area sang and danced and did their own little protest. As far as I am aware it was the only one in my area. The rest of us simply got on with burning fossil fuels.

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