Tuesday, March 2, 2010

100 Days

So the countdown has begun in earnest. The worlds media were in town after being wined and dined on a spectacular stadium tour through South Africa. One of the African journalists challanged FIFA head honcho Blatter to allow more accreditation for journos from the African continenet and not to hog all the tops spots for his favourities. Ever affable he said he would look into it. Nothing fazes this man even accusations that he runs a mafia style operation with nepotism to boot. He said he sleeps well each night and trusts that all the media present do as well as he has nothing on his conscience. Local politicians laughed loudly when he said his B and C plan were actually South Africa and no one else. Got to hand it to this guy, he makes most sweet mouthed politicians look like amateurs in comparison. Meanwhile the Durban stadium reverberated with the sound of choppers flying overhead with the South African flag interspersed with wild screams from the bungee swing as local ladies took a leap of faith over the stadium.

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