Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Alternative Football World Cup

If you have ever been whacked by kids at one of Durban's traffic lights best not to read further. These nimble fingered kids are now putting the boot in so to speak. Seven teams from around the world are here to play the beautiful game. Boys and girls from the streets of The UK to Brazil will put their feet skills to another use apart from fleeing crime scenes (sometimes) In the opening match the non football country of India taught the arrogant South Africans a thing or two about football. They managed to slot four goals into the small net. The showy South African street kids ....zero. The occasion will also be used to run seminars on what the real problems of the global street kids are all about and a declaration will be announced at the end of the tournament. So next time one of these urchins approaches you remember they might one day be football heroes….you never know.
 (Update 23 March 2010 India cleaned up and won the tournament.)

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