Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Place to Hide

“We will film them on the beaches, we will film them at their homes, we will film them at work”. Yes indeed there is no place that will be safe from Google’s street view coming soon to a PC near you. I came across this character at the ABSA stadium in Durban. He was peddling this contraption complete with 360 degree view multi cameras and on board generator to power all the goodies. He told me the tricycles go where the camera vehicles can’t. So if you see one of these in a neighbourhood near you, smile you might just be on Google street view for ever. Should be up and running by July.


Penny Nibbs said...

All well and good but there is no protection from those who wish to throw stones, rob and do other dreadful things. Does Google pay these guys danger money for going into some of the more scary places in SA.Or do they just recruit guys who have an extreme sense of adventure?

Durban Diaries said...

Entire country is scary. You can be hit anywhere anytime.Sad